The Paraset Club

The “Paraset” is a compact, portable, extremely simple yet rugged radio transmitter & receiver developed by UK scientists & engineers, some of whom were radio amateurs, at the workshops of the Royal Signals Special Communications Unit at both Little Horwood & in the workshops in the grounds of Whaddon Hall, Buckinghamshire in the early stages of the Second World War.  The set is known as the Whaddon MkVII & was used for clandestine radio communication primarily in Norway & Europe.  The Paraset Club is indebted to Mr. A.F. Fry for this information.  Although never its official name, the equipment has become known as the “Paraset” because it was dropped by parachute either with, or to agents operating in the field.

The Paraset Club was founded by Adrian, G4GDR & Tom, G3EFY (SK 12/2007) in 2005 & comprises a group of more than 60 radio amateurs committed to the following Aims: 

To honour the memory of the Whaddon Design & Manufacturing team & those brave men & women who operated this equipment clandestinely in enemy occupied territory during the Second World War.

To preserve the Paraset in its original form as far as is practicable & encourage & enable members to construct authentic working replicas of the equipment.

To encourage members to operate their sets with simple wire aerials in the manner they were used operationally i.e. without an A.T.U.

To encourage & enable exchange of information, ideas & experiences between members.

Full membership is open to all licensed radio amateurs.  There is no subscription but members are required to comply the Club’s Aims & Conditions & are expected to make at least one contribution a year to the Club Website.


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Only a minority ever honoured their Membership undetaking to contribute to the website so on 29-10-2011 the decision was reluctantly taken to wind-up the club.  G4GDR & G3WXI thank those who did contribute & invite them to follow the link below.
More information can be found here.

The Paraset Club exists to honour the memory of those who designed, built & operated the "Paraset" during WWII & to encourage & assist those wishing to construct accurate reproductions of the equipment.  Many hours have been spent & many miles travelled to collect & edit the material on this site.  Please do not mirror material from this site.